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Clay Bricks in South Africa

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The Crammix Legacy

Crammix Bricks planted its roots in 1947, when a ceramic chemist and his partner uncovered a large deposit of grey stoneware on what was then known as the Groenland Farm. This 141-hectare portion of land became the source of raw material in the manufacture of glazed pipes, face bricks and other ceramic wares.

Today, Crammix Bricks is positioned as one the largest and most technologically advanced producers of clay brick products in South Africa, whose standards exceed environmentally-friendly and international performance criteria.

Since 1980, when the Rumble family acquired the company, Crammix Bricks has been built on a foundation of values that extend way beyond its day-to-day operations. The company’s commitment to its people, customers and continuous product innovation, has all contributed positively to our loyal client base, reputation and success.

Training and Development

As a BEE Certified company, we invest in the development of our people through training in both regulatory compliance as well as skills development. This is further enhanced through adult-based education, employment equity and experiential learning in the workplace, resulting in improved product quality, efficiency, productivity and staff morale.


Occupational Health and Safety

Crammix Bricks has an excellent safety record, which has been achieved through ongoing education, improved safety equipment, infrastructural units and good incident investigation procedures to ensure mistakes are not repeated. Safety signage has also been installed around the premises. These measures have earned our company an MBSA award, and are in compliance with the Mine Health & Safety Act (Act no. 29 of 1996).

Crammix Bricks planted its roots in 1947

Crammix Innovation

Crammix' drive to be an industry leader in the field of innovation is fuelled by a desire to fulfil the architectural needs of its customers and building professionals. The company's list of achievements include being the:

  • First to introduce a lightweight, easy to use Clay Maxi brick for interior use, i.e. the Cramlite Maxi Brick with horizontal perforated design
  • First to introduce the lightweight modular paver, that offers ease of use resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs
  • Only clay brick manufacturer in SA to produce thermally efficient wine coolers. Latest designs include double unit coolers for maximised storage with natural temperature control.
  • First manufacturer to introduce a range of clay pavers in a choice selection of colours and texture in South Africa to meet the design needs of both the building professional and end user.
  • First manufacturer in SA to install a manufacturing facility dedicated to the production and supply of special shaped clay bricks and handmade clay cobbles, which has since been emulated by other manufacturers in this country
  • The company has also been used as a benchmark for the Clay Brick Mining Act in the Western Cape by the National Occupational Health and Safety.
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